When I trekked till the edge of Nohkalikai Waterfalls

The edge of the fall
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  1. Hi… superb blog… nice to see all the pics… can u please tell me from which point the trek starts? is it near the nohkalikhai view point? how to get the navigation? kindly share all the details. thank u.

    1. Hi Anjan,
      A little way too late in replying. However thank you for your appreciation on the blog.
      I shared a small note below with Rohan. Do check and follow up if visit is still pending there. Apologies for the delay in replying….for certain circumstances were unavoidable and hence my absence from the world of internet.

    1. Hi Rohan,
      While on the way to the Nohkalikai viewpoint….there is an indication on the right of the trek possibility with few guides awaiting to lead the way. There wasn’t any sign earlier, however you can notice one about 300 to 500 meters approximately just before the viewpoint …indicating the pathway to the trek.
      Please keep in mind that the sign may not be there when the trek is not available when the river is in flow to avoid mishaps,
      Hope this helps your query. 🙂

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